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    Default Need some advice on outdoor audio

    I just finished building a new deck for my house and am trying to figure out the best route for some sound. I have a new pair of Atrium 55s, an old pair of Bose 100s, and a couple old pairs of Proscans. I'm planning on wiring them to my Denon AVR-2803, which powers my HT system in my living room. Basically I'm looking for advice on which speakers to use, where to place them, and whats the best route for running the wires. I was planning on just using the Polks, but wanted to see what you guys thought. Was also planning on just using speaker wire from Home Depot, I think its RCA 12 guage. Here's a picture of my area, if I can link it. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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    Dang, I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to attach my pic (def not a pc wiz) and now I can't get any help... :( I guess I'm just gonna put up the Polks and go from there. I guess I jinxed myself with the "thanks in advance." No worries.

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    Nice place; hook up the Atriums; you'll be surprised at how they sound. You could use them by themselves or add another pair to have 4 speakers. Whatever you do, make sure you install them VERTICALLY; I installed mine horizontally because it was a better fit, but now I can't play with direction....
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    I have my Atriums hooked up horizontally, with tweeters pointed toward the center, about 20' apart, just under the eaves of my roof. They sound great for background music although I don't think you will be doing any "serious" listening outside.
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    Nice looking deck & house you have there. You're asking a loaded question here on the Polk forum. Of course we're all gonna tell you to hook up the Atriums. I have the 45's mounted under the eves on my deck, they pereform great. As far as wire for outside I use Malibu lighting wire. It's made for the outdoors & is cheaper then HD speaker wire. Go figure.
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    Great looking deck. I love my Atrium 45's out on my back deck and they are hooked up to my Denon 2805. I use the second zone on the Denon to power them. Maybe you could try them in some different spots on your deck to hear where they sound best to you before you mount them. From what I understand it is important that your wires that are the same length to each speaker, something you probably already know. Looks like a great place to party.
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    Hey now, that's what I'm talkin bout! I was wondering if you guys would ever get off your lazy humps and give me some dadgum replies. :D JK, and thanks for the compliments on my deck. It was the first time I had ever built one and was shocked at how well it turned out. My dad and I did the whole thing. *key lame @$$ will smith singing just the two of us* But anyways, I figured the Atriums would be the way to go. I just had all these other outdoor speakers that were given to me over the years and felt like I needed to find some use for them. Thought maybe someone here would think of some wild idea that my little pea brain couldn't. Maybe I'll use them in the garage or the front porch...
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