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    Question Help me ID small RTA speaker

    Hey. Newbie here. Love my RTA 8TLs. Just changed 50w Yamaha receiver (inexpensive early 90s w Yamaha sources) for 35w NAD integrated amp (mid-90s w NAD sources). No hookup yet. Will I hear differences? I'll be getter better interconnects. Reasonable suggestions? Sound seemed "muddier" over the years. Each old component had issues.

    Anyway, real question: What bookshelves do I have? See photos in later posting. Purchased with RTA 8TLs in early 90s at United Audio. Look like same woofer/tweeter but 2-way bookshelves. About 14"h x 10"w x 8"d. Sound great, maybe "cleaner" than 8TLs (no bottom, oc). Sticker ID gone. Tried to ID but can't. Thanks for helping.
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    Without pictures of the speakers, I'm clueless. As far as the difference of sound between the NAD and the Yamaha receiver, your ears will have to tell you that. I would just hook it up and compare. The NAD integrated is a very musical and underrated amplifier that should sound pretty good and different than the Yamaha. But, again, your ears have to decide that.

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    Default Photo of little RTAs

    Thanks for replying. My bad re photo. Here. Have grills.
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    I think that they are monitor 4's IIRC
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    Talking Polk Audio Studio Monitor 4

    Thanks, George. Found same (different finish) on ebay to confirm. Polk Audio Studio Monitor 4. What's the "IIRC"? Also... Why doesn't Polk (and many others) keep listings and descriptions of previous products? I can't find it here. Anyway, hard to believe you can get them for $50-60. 25% rule...?

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