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    Default Do you think these speakers are worth the extra money

    I am trying to decide between two different sets of speakers for my rear surrounds. The difference in price is going to be about $200.00 which isn't a problem but if it is money that I could use on other things that would be nice as well.

    Here are the two speakers:

    Polk LC65i

    Polk LC65fx

    I guess my question is will I notice enough difference between the two speakers to justify the extra money. I have heard the LC65i and think they will be fine for rears but will the two tweeters in the 65fx make that much difference?

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    "Dual tweeters disperse the sound over a wide area-ideal for surround applications."
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    What speakers do you have for your fronts/center?
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    I have LC265i and the LCi-C for my fronts and center.

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    spend the extra coin, you will be glad you did.
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