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    Question Whats the break in period of a speaker

    Whats the break in period of a speaker? or is there one...

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    The "Break-In Period" refers to the "loosening up of the woofers' suspension which consists of the spider and surround that terminates the cone to the edge of the basket. The spider mechanically connects the voice coil and cone to the inside of the basket just above the magnet. The spider and surround are the 2 key elements that allow the cone to move. When speakers are new, these two components of the suspension are extremely stiff and limit the performance capability of the speaker. The Break in period will loosen up the spider and surround and once this process is complete the speaker / woofer will perform at its best ability. The end result is greater sonic performance. The best way to "break in" a woofer or speaker is to play music at a resonable level for for 40 hours to gradually "loosen up" or "break in" the suspension.

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