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Thread: Tube/IC Buffer?

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    Default Tube/IC Buffer?

    anyone seen this,,who's gonna be the first :)
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    Better hurry, that price is only good for 30days.;)

    the pics certainy show the nice neat workmanship

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    Quote Originally Posted by george daniel View Post
    anyone seen this,,who's gonna be the first :)
    Not me :D
    I can't believe they posted pics from the inside of that box; it looks like someone's first DIY project. Actually the outside of box and the cables also look DIY, for that matter (well maybe a bit better than my first DIY, lol). I would guess well south of $100 in parts, despite their claims of exotic RCA terminations.

    Man, with that $1000 you can get you some nice stuff on audiogon from solid companies!
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    It is DIY and very sloppy at best.I used the same $ 25 Hammond case for an active crossover project.
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    Not as sloppy as the other.

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    I'm not sure I'd want the signal to pass through those "active" cables, no matter how good the build quality is.
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