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    Smile Polk Audio V/s MTX Audio

    I would like to know how does Polk Audio Subs (2124DVC) compare with Mtx Audio Subs in terms of Sound Quality and Relieability. As I want to buy Polk Subs But in the reviews on Polk Site many people who have bought the Polk Audio subs Complaining of it Blowing off too soon....Pls Advice

    Other Products in Use in My car Polk MMC6500 & Polk DB 650

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swapnil K View Post
    many people who have bought the Polk Audio subs Complaining of it Blowing off too soon....Pls Advice
    I like my Polk subs, but not enough to find that out.

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    In terms of sound quality, I honestly think Polk deserves the win... hands down. now if you're talking sheer output, mtx would probably get that award. I got an mm2124 that I had in my brothers car receiving 550 watts (its rated for 400)... and she's still pumping them beats :)

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    If you properly set the gain level on the amp you power them with, Polk subs sound great and last. MTX makes some powerhouse subs, and some of them don't sound too bad either, but they're more about output over SQ in design philosophy.

    The most important thing to consider is putting it in an enclosure it's well-suited for, and if you choose ported over sealed, a subsonic filter is a good idea to keep the sub from "unloading" when trying to play frequencies below the enclosure's tuned frequency. In the wrong hands, using bass boost, high bass EQ settings, too high a gain setting or volume level will destroy pretty much any sub. If you excersize some restraint and turn it down when you hear distortion (or when the sub just stops getting louder), you'll probably get many years out of your subs.

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    i've had both, currently have mtx.

    the 2124s sounded incredibly good.

    the mtx is just loud.

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