thanks to engtaz and the rest of you guys for the good input. I managed to get the velodyne 1012 configured with the definitive tl15. I used the y-splitter from the sub pre-out and ran it to the dedicated LFE input with a loop connector.

I set the 15" sub to 80hz and below. I think the velo crosses well below that because it does not have any mid-range bass at all only deep, deep bass.
I changed the system to view my fronts as large speakers with subwoofer. The results were awesome. I actually had to turn the subs way down. Bone-crushing seamless bass fromt the two subs that appear to be in perfect sequence.

The velodyne sub hits a lot harder than I ever imagined. I was listening to 2-channel stereo XM Cafe(directv music channel) at about 65 watts and my wife came downstairs and asked me what that hammering noise was. I told her it was a bass drum in a jazz band. It was a subtle but very noticable hard-hitting bass coming from the velo.

I should be getting my two adcom amps in the mail today(555 & 536 two-channels). This will really set my LSi9s off.
Just in time for football season.