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    Default Onkyo Amplifier M-282

    they are on sale at CC for $200. I am thinking about get one to drive my 2 rear speakers so i can use B&K amp to bi-amp my front. What do you think about this? Do i get or lose any thing from going this way?
    thanks a lot.
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    It's a good amplifier that's been around a great many years with no changes. It seems to work well for people using an Onkyo or Integra receiver with 5 channels of onboard power built in to be able to upgrade to 7.1. Given it has the 7.1 processor and preamp capability built in. They are also used (by a lot of my dealers) for going into an impedance matching switcher for running multiple speakers in a house, etc. Lots of applications for it and it's a good amp for 100wpc (@ 8-ohm) and especially on sale at $100 off ($299 MAP). Is it an A-stock amp in the box?
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    I have one and it is a nice little amp, it would work well for rears.
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    I had one (actualy, the integra version called the ADM 2.1) still do. cool amp, good amp new for the price. great for surround duty.

    flip side is you can get better in the used market. definitly not going wrong at that price, I paid 300 for mine many moons ago.
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    I have had mine for over 8 years. I bought it to go from 6 channel to 7. Never brought myself to get rid of it. Right now it is running my dual center channels. (CS400's) It is doing a really great job. Runs cool and 12v trigger works great. Got some clean power........
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    Good amp for the price. Butthe sale is nothing special, they have been available online for $200 for a loooong time. Vann's and J&R for example.

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    I have one to run my B channel outside speakers... no problems!!

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