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    Default Speaker Question RTI10's or Monitor 60's

    I have a Yamaha HTR-6060 7.1 channel reciever. It has 105wpc. I have listend to both speakers and with all honesty cannot hear a "major" diference. I have a buddy who says I should go for the RtI's. He says it's money well spent. My main question is will my receiver drive the RTi's. I won the Yamaha receiver so this is why i have it. I'm looking for some feedback on which direction I should go. I'm looking to start with the 2 front speakers, get a center and maybe a sub.

    This system will be in my basement. I have a 55" Hitachi LCD that I will hook the system up to.

    Looking for help

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    With the prices coming down on the RTi10s, it's a no brainer. The receiver will drive them just fine. They'll get better with more power down the road, but I believe that Yammie has pre outs. The soundstage and detailed imaging is superior with the RTis and you'll start noticing with any prolonged listening.

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