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    Default Install in-wall center speaker above or below Plasma HDTV?

    I'm ready to install a 50" plasma HDTV with Polk in-wall left, right, and center channel speakers; plasma will hang on the wall (as opposed to being on a stand), so I'm looking for a real clean look; speaker cables and power cord are hidden in wall too. Height of plasma will be at eye level when sitting on a couch (~ 28" from floor to bottom of plasma). The left and right in-wall speakers will be located slightly below the ht of the bottom of the plasma.

    My question is whether the in-wall center channel should be installed above or below the plasma? Also is your answer based on sound quality, aesthetics or both? Thanks much!

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    First off,
    the powercord cannot go inside the wall. This is against firecode. The powercord is not inwall rated. You must install an AC outlet beind the tv.
    At the height that your mounting the tv, I suggest you install the center above the tv.

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    Actually, the power cord isn't inside the wall as I had written; I have an outlet on the wall that will be hidden by the plasma; bad writing on my part.

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