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    Default In-Ceiling Speaker Installation

    As I stated in a previous thread (and thanks to those who replied) I plan to install LCi60 ceiling speakers in an existing house. The installation used in the ceiling is blown in and therefore loose. It seems obvious even to me, a rank newbie, that I need to use some sort of protection between the speaker and the installation. Should I construct some sort of a box to place over the back side of these speakers separating them for them installation? I was in Lowes this afternoon and saw some fiberglass mesh and I thought perhaps I could fashion a dome like thing and place over the speaker and then spread the installation back over it. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated and I do appreciated all the replies.

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    contact Ken Swauger at Polk Customer Service, depending on how much remodeling your doing Polk makes performance enclosures for your speakers which have baffling and the exact cubic inches your enclosure needs along with some sound bat, however, if your up for the task you can build your own with MDF board. If nothing else Polk can tell you how many cubic inches your enclosure should be.

    If you just isloate the speaker from your insulation with some sort of mesh its not going to sound near as good as if you use an enclosure.

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    If you look in the LC60i section of the web page there is a cut sheet that gives the volume for the LC60i.

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    I put pink fiberglass to keep the blown insulation from getting into the back of the speaker.
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