A friend brought by his new 980 today, but without his HDMI cable and I didn't have one (I've got 2 DVI/HDMI cables)...so no video test on my Mits DLP WD57731...drats. I did have some component cable lying around, so we checked out SACD/DVD A and DVD V audio playback via analog. I didn't expect too much and he couldn't leave me the player. I'd read that the 980 has upgraded DACs over the 971 and 970 and I did hear a difference. Not night and day, just more laid back, but no loss of detail...maybe slightly re-arranged imaging by a few degrees here or there. It's got me tempted to sell the 971 and downgrade :D...but I really need to see it via HDMI...component seemed to add more color depth, but without a hack, I couldn't get better than 720p. My buddy's pretty impressed with it...gonna give his 2900 to his dad or sell it. Whatever, for $170, it's a steal.