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    Default rti12's or 3.1tl's? need advice.

    i currently own a pair of rti12's, but have found some pristine 3.1tl's, and i need someone's advice. i have plenty of power, and will be used for home theater and stereo. i am new to the forum, but not new to polk's. i was the first in my city to own the first model year of the sda srs, and i want something similiar, but not the size or the price. although those 1.2's in maryland are very tempting...............thanx, LC

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    How much are they asking? Are they black or not? I have the black 3.1TL's and love them. One of the few SDA's that can pass the dreaded WAF.
    Good Luck

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    The 3.1TL's are a wonderful won't be disappointed. I would jump on it if the price is right (anything under $1200.00 is a bargain for these classics). Also, make sure it comes with the interconnect cable. Good luck!!

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