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    Default which speaker is best? advice needed!

    i currently have rti 12's, and i do like them, but i seem to want to try some 3.1 trl's, for stereo and home theater. i was the first in my town to own a pair of sda srs, the big ones, and i did like them a lot. i would now like something similiar, only smaller, but do not want to make a mistake and take a step backwards. any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. thanx, LC

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    how about some SDA SRS2's? or SDA 1C's? the SRS2's seem to be popping up quite a bit lately.. the 1C's. seem to be a little more scarce. either I think would be good. as I am looking for either one of those myself. ;)

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    The 3.1TL's are great SDA's; unless you have a HUGE room, you won't miss anything from the big boys.
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    You will love the 3.1TL's. Great WAF.

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