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    Default Big $$$ Head Unit Help!!!

    I'm a simplistic fellow.
    I've got a nice double din to work with.
    Nissan Altima 2003 3.5L
    I actually bought this car for the trunk space...
    I'm here seeking all forms of advice and opinions from everyone
    I need a nice Head Unit
    I'm not one to hop on here and ask everyone to do research for me,
    I've spent the last solid month or so test driving brand new Blaupunkt, Pioneer, VR3, Alpine, Eclipse, and Fosgate head units.

    Nothing seems to just have that "cream f the crop" feeling.
    All I need is RCA Subwoofer outs, folder/mp3 navigation
    Some have subwoofer on/off
    Some have subwoofer vol -7 - 7
    I want a real subwoofer control.
    I'm a kicker addict (i know, you probably dont like kicker, I dont care)
    I'm running 3x 2006 Model Kicker L7 15"s on a kicker zx2500.1
    with 4x 5 Farad Tsunami Capacitors.

    PLEASE! Someone, advise me as to what you think wins the style + utility in your book.

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    try the car section you will get more replies

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    Shoot i love kicker

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigaudiofanatic View Post
    Shoot i love kicker
    11 to go...almost there!
    Sharp Elite 70
    Anthem D2V 3D
    Parasound 5250
    Parasound HCA 1000 A
    Parasound HCA 1000
    Oppo BDP 95
    Von Schweikert VR4 Jr R/L Fronts
    Von Schweikert LCR 4 Center
    Totem Mask Surrounds X4
    Hsu ULS-15 Quad Drive Subwoofers
    Sony PS3
    Squeezebox Touch

    Polk Atrium 7s on the patio just to keep my foot in the door.

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