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    Default Did I do ok with my new LSI purchase?

    Sold my 3.1TL's on ebay this week (a little over a grand...what I paid from a Polkie a couple of years ago), and used the cash (plus a little out of pocket) and got a pair of black LSI15's, a LSIc, and 2 LSIFX speakers. I have the center and surrounds already, and I pick up the LSI15's tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to get them set up. I paid $1480.00 for all of them. They are demos, but in mint condition. I'm staying true to my SDA's by holding on to the 2.3TL's and 1.2TL's, but I wanted something different for the downstairs listening room. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

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    Thats a great deal. You must be rubbing it in our collective faces. ;)
    Do you hear that buzzing noise?

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    Not intentionally...I promise. They were actually on the 'bay' for a couple of days, but he ended the auction for me. Nice group of people @ Absolute Theater in Powell, OH.

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    sounds like you did alright. you still have SDA's, so its not like you jumped ship or anything. get them set up right, and you'll love em.
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    Nice setup but are you going to mis the 3.1's?

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    You did pretty well on your LSi's Congrats, you'll dig 'em!!
    If you're reading it, Suzy typed it.
    "It's times like these, you learn to live again". BIG Always!
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    If your experience is anything like mine, you're gonna love 'em. got a great deal!
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    Wow, great deal. I'd jump on that opportunity every time.

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