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    Default mmc6500 active or passive?

    So right now my mmc6500 are receiving just under 100 watts from a c400.4. I'm getting a good deal on another c400.4. The only reason I'm considering it is because these things are craving a little more power. I want to bi-amp them so I can hopefully get a little more mid-bass (even though they sound great the way they are).

    I'm wondering if its a better idea to bi-amp them using the x-overs they came with (~95 watts to each driver and tweeter) or to use the built-in active x-over in the c400.4. The only reason I'm not liking the active x-over thing is because I cant choose the frequencies i want them to play... or at least it doesn't seem that way. I'll prolly end up testing both scenarios but thought I'd get some opinions.

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    Sure you can.

    You dont have to use the Pre-EQ.

    The 400.4 has a variable crossover on it from 50-5000 Hz for each channel.
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    i had the same issue...seems like the crossover on that amp isn't very accurate. mine would play frequencies that i thought i had cut out entirely. i would just get an external crossover from someone else. probably would work a bit better.
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    ok cool. I think I'll bi-amp them using the c400.4 without using the pre-eq.

    or would it be better to bi-amp it using the c300.2 for the woofer and 2 channels from the c400.4 for the tweeters?

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