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Thread: The Doors LP

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    Default The Doors LP

    Do old LP's have any value? I still have a really old "the Doors" LPS that I found a long time ago and just saved. The cover is not in great shape much at all and the LP looks pretty used with small scratches on the surface. Not quite as bad looking as say a DVD that you receive in the mail from Blockbuster. I have no idea how well it plays since I donít have a player :)

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    check out ebay for values

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    Everything has a value. Old records typically go from fifty cents to three dollars, some as high as $25. A mint condition collectable can be worth whatever someone wants to spend but most never see a very high value. The old ones you once thought would be worth something someday? Not today. :)
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    It's all relative. The condition of the LP is the main issue. I know when I come across an LP in my collection that sounds crackly I try to replace it with one that isn't so bad. I just recently did this with Jethro Tull's, "Thick as a Brick." The newer LP cost me $7.50. That's not a lot of money however if you had 50 records to sell at that price, well, do the math.

    Just an FYI, I've preordered a new Doors LP box set. It is a 180 gm pressing of the Doors studio recordings. Seven LPs in all. The seventh is a duplicate but is a mono version of their first LP title, "The Doors." This box set is retailing for $150. So as you can see depending on the LPs artist and its condition, the net worth is in the eye of the beholder.

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