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    Default buying a used 360

    Well I am buying a used Premium 360 that was built in 2006. I guess I am taking a risk, but the price isn't bad, I have been wanting one for a long time and I currently have the cash for it.

    Will I be covered under the extended warranty even though I wasn't the original purchaser? I don't know how the warranty works, but I know others on this board had problems with theres. to save $100 over buying new I can risk losing it for a month while they repair it unless I am not covered :o
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    Yes, you will be covered. A month or two ago Microsoft extended the warranty on all 360s to 3 years from the month it was manufactured. Yours will be covered until sometime in 2009.

    Should you need it, the return process is very simple and straightfoward.

    I had to return my Xbox once. I was not the original owner and I got my 360 fixed/replaced just fine with no hassles. I don't even think the question of console pedigree or ownership comes up in the return process.

    Now, what will your Xbox live gamertag be, and what games are you going to get?

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    Great! thanks for the info. My mother-in-law works for microsoft, but in a completely different area. I'm not sure if she could get me the hookup if it ever needed repairs. I will have to ask. I do know she can get me discounts on any accessories and games though.

    Not sure on user name, I use 66chevyiiss for almost everything so if it allows me probably that lol.

    Madden 08 is a given, Tiger woods and probably Forza2. I figure on renting a bunch and borrowing from friends for a while. It comes with Burnout Revenge, Madden Football 07 collector edition, NBA live 07, Tony Hawk Project 8, pocket bike racer. I figure i will sell all of those except tony hawk to recoop some money since I will never play them anyways.
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    btw, the 3 year warranty is for the red rings of death errors only. yes?

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