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Thread: break-in period

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    Default break-in period

    Hi all,
    I wanted to know what does break-in period for some components really mean?

    I understand some of you will be quick to say "play your components".
    But what does it really mean?

    Does I mean play your components at a reasonable levels and don't red-line them?
    does it have to be continous, meaning if cables are meant to be broken-in for 70 hours, does it mean you need to have your sound system going strait for 70 hours?
    If you watch a movie, say 2.5 hours. can you stop whatching and even if it takes 2 months to get to the 70 hours, then it is finnaly broken-in?.


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    In case if you are interested I found what looks like good information on the subject.

    If you believe in break-in period. The best way seam to be continous playing time for the duration of the break-in period. The sound should be low to moderate. last impression was "white" noise or tone noise whas the way to accomplish this break-in period.

    I hope this helps.

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    I think continuous playing at low volumes is best. At least that's what I did with my Definitive Tech BP10Bs when I first got them.
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