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    Default Which Subwoofer - Polk Audio MM2104DVC vs. Image Dynamics IDQ10D4??

    Hello all.

    Just trying to decide which sub to buy. I am mainly looking for Sound Quality.

    My little system.........
    Head Unit: Alpine 9883
    Front Speakers: Polk MMC650's powered by Boston Acoustics Amp
    Rear Speakers: None
    Subwoofer Amp: Kicker Mono Amp that runs 300 watts RMS @ 2 ohms

    I plan on using a sealed box that is ~ .7 cubic feet.

    Any thoughts on which sub I should buy?

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    Cant go wrong with either. Theyre both quite excellent.

    Ive been using a MM2104 for a couple years now and it works well for me.
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    Thanks Mac.

    It's always a tough call when you can't hear the sub (or any equipment) in your car before you purchase.

    Do you think there would be any benefit to matching the sub to my speakers (i.e. using Polk Momo products for both)?

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    as far as i have heard, sub and speakers dont matter much, just speakers itself, for example a few installers told me i wouldnt want infinity in the front and alpine in the back because they focus more towards diffrent sounds, and u will get an odd blend, not sure if its true, but thats what i have heard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grateful72 View Post
    Do you think there would be any benefit to matching the sub to my speakers (i.e. using Polk Momo products for both)?
    The problem will only rear it's head when you pair speakers that won't play midbass well with a sub system that is designed only to play fairly low (with a low crossover point).

    The Momos dig fairly deep in the midbass range, and should blend well with either sub and still give you some flexibility with your HPF/LPF crossover points to fine-tune things.

    I've heard both the Momo and IDQ subs, and Mac's right- both will get the job done nicely and sound good. Both work in smallish enclosures with the amount of amplifier power you have on hand.

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