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    Quote Originally Posted by wizzy View Post
    Actually, Duck Tape is a real product.
    Yeah and it's a BRAND name not the actual name of the tape. Anything you see from Duck Tape has a registered trademark next to the "Duck".
    You're just jealous 'cause the voices don't talk to you!

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    +1 got the paper tube idea, fixed the dented cone on a project speaker i'm working on the first shot!
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    try the vacuum method

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    Bubblegum, worked for me.

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    Vacuum did not work, gaff tape did not work, sticky anything did not work. Only the small pin hole and paper clip worked for me. Very stubborn dust caps.

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    Pin hole and wire works for me. That hole can't be seen with the grill on or off really. Only perfectionists refuse to poke a hole in the dust caps.

    I use to be a perfectionist but life has worn me down and I accept and live with alot now that I wouldn't have 25 yrs ago. :D

    Now where's that needle.....;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    GAH! The word is DUCT not duck! It's tape that is used to secure two piece of DUCTing together. Usually the DUCTing is made or aluminum or galvanized steel hence the silver color of the DUCT tape so as to be aesthetically pleasing and maybe mask the presence of your handiwork.

    The tape, while good for many purposes, does surprisingly poorly at securing two water fowl together.
    Actually, the original tape was "DUCK" tape developed by the military as a waterproof tape .. not till later it was realized this tape can also be used for duct work.

    As far as the dust cap fix.. I have used a shop vac and the needle trick .. both work well ... the pin hole should not affect performance.. over time if enough dust gets in them maybe. even then I doubt will affect performance.

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