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    Question and again with capacitors...

    So, I'm going to swap my 4 channel amp (at last!) to one that matches my Eclipse 34230.

    I have a Eclipse PA5422 that will replace my hifonics 4 channel.

    Obviously the eclipse is used, and the seller decided to give me a free capacitor.

    Will it hurt to install it? i don't know if there's even a reason. I'm not running much power with those 2 amps.. (2 Kappa perfect 10", Alpine SPX177r's and DB6500's) I have an Optima yellow top, and things seem to be running just fine. But the fact that I have the cap sitting there makes me think I could just install it.

    Any thoughts?


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    If you have no symptoms that would dictate modding or enhancing your electrical system, I wouldn't even bother with adding the cap- list it on eBay and recoup some costs ;).

    I won't say capacitors don't have any place in a car system (and don't intend to start a heated debate on the subject), but "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" would be my philosophy on the subject. Should the cap go bad (or have already done so) it will just compound the joys that are 12V troubleshooting should something not be quite right down the road.

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    If your system is doing fine, I myself would not install it.
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