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    Default Good Headphone Recordings

    The way I understand it, the majority of recordings out there are mastered for playback on 2 stereo speakers (which actually makes me question the whole SDA thing, but that's for another time). Since they're mastered for 2 speaker playback, I would think that the whole crosstalk thing (being able to hear left channel material in your right ear and the other way around) would be an assumed character of speaker playback and the recordings would be mixed accordingly.

    So they know you're going to have crosstalk and engineer the recordings to counteract that.

    Now that could all very well be BS because I don't know jack, it just seems like a logical conclusion. I've also seen some headphone amplifiers that have crossfeed doodads, which from what I understand are supposed to 'simulate' the crosstalk that exists with loudspeakers.

    So having said all that...

    Are there any recordings that stand out or are engineered for headphone listening? I'm building my first legit headphone rig, and would like some good demo material.
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    You know, I don't even know what crosstalk between speakers would be. Technically, it would be one channels information being played on the other channel's speaker as well. This doesn't happen. If the guitar is panned hard right, it does not play from the left speaker at all. So the guitar is coming from the right speaker only, you hear it with both ears, just as if a live guitarist's amp was in the spot where your speaker is. The only way to have crosstalk between speakers would be to run the speaker wires parallell, touching each other for a very long lenght. Eventually you'd have enough capacitance for signal to leak between the wires.

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    I have not heard of any recordings designed with headphones in mind specifically.

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    Oh, two other things. Let me know what you think of the 650s with the Shanling's headphone output. And get rid of the Little Dot. The 650s deserve better. I'm thinking the latest Musical Fidelity headamp. Do that and tell me ho you like it. :)

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