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    Default Passive Radiators

    Does anyone know whether I can use a kit to replace the diaphragm on the passive on a SDA-1A? My cat got ahold of the passive and cut some claw marks into it.


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    What got messed up?, the center part of the PR or the butyl rubber surround?

    F1Nut was experimenting with ways to mend a 12" PR as well. Maybe he has some insights.
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    It was the diaphragm. The surrounds are fine. Thanks.

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    I've got no idea on that one.
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    I have not tried it on a PR but I used to use a powdered polystyrene mixed with 5 min. epoxy to repair wing dents on my remote controlled planes. Mixed with mostly the powder, it was fairly light and would not eat the base material up. Clean up and smooth with denatured alcohol. Used to get it at model supply places.

    Use at your own risk. Not responsible for any damage or injury whether real or imagined. Experimentation with this method is strongy recommended on items other than non-replaceable PRs. This suggestion is for entertainment use only.:D

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