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    Default Music that just moves you

    We all get stuck in this grind of normal day life and forget about the good things.

    I may be only 34 now but I have spent my life with music. I love it, always have since 19789ish when we would listen to the Bee-Gees on 8 track on my dad’s system and further Opera on his 8 track car system. He may have been a raging alcoholic (back then, dry for 15 years now) but at least he had the system.

    Rarely a moment goes by that I don’t have music playing. At work, in my car or at home. I just love music as a child of the 80's.

    You all here know it, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. That music that just moves you. Usually when you haven’t heard them in a bit. The music just draws you in and you feel yourself devoting everything to the song.

    Today for me, I came home from a usual stressful day in IT and played a few of my old favorites:

    U2: With or without you
    Scorpions: Still loving you

    Many many more, but today, these 2 hit me!

    What was on your play list today that "hit you".
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    Right now, my new Brian Simpson CD !!

    Sound soooo good !!
    Cary SLP-98L F1 DC Pre Amp (Jag Blue)
    Parasound HCA-3500
    Cary Audio V12 amp (Jag Red)
    Polk Audio Xm Reciever (Autographed by THE MAN Himself)
    Magnum Dynalab MD-102 Analog Tuna
    Jolida JD-100 CDP
    Polk Audio LSi9 Speaks (ebony)
    SVS PC-Ultra Sub
    AQ Bedrock Speaker Cables (Bi-Wired)
    MIT Shotgun S1 I/C`s
    AQ Black Thunder Sub Cables
    PS Audio Plus Power Cords
    Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM Antenna
    Sanus Cherry wood Speak Stands
    Adona AV45CS3 / 3 Tier Rack (Black /Gold)

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    Ceti Alpha V



    Mazzy Star: Halah
    James: Laid

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    Default Which Simpson?

    Is that Brian Simpson or OJ Simpson - oh, I'm sorry I thought you said favorite alibi, not lullaby - oh well! Chris

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    Let me tell you something about life, around every corner monsters await. I know, I am one.

    If I owned hell and this place, I would rent this place out and live in hell.

    Mains: Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1
    Preamp: Modwright SWL9.0SE
    Amps: Butler TBD2250, PS Audio Trio
    PrePro: Cary Cinema 6, Outlaw 990
    DAC: Benchmark DAC1
    Universal Player: Denon 2900
    Cables: StraightWire Encore II, Kimber Hero, Audioquest Type 4, CV-8, Columbia DBS
    Power Conditioner: Belkin PF60

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    Evanescence - My Immortal...phenomonal, yet haunting vocals...

    Nora Jones - Painter Song
    Cambridge Audio AZUR 640R
    KEF IQ2C Center, Fronts KEF IQ1 , Rears KEF Ci302Q
    Sub Outlaw LFM2
    Panasonic Plasma 1080i (50u)
    Sony DVP-NS70H (DVD)
    Belkin Pure Audio PF31 Line Conditioner

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