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    Default Attacking the weak point

    Well the weather will be changing soon and with the let-up from summer activites I'll be getting to spend more time in the basement with the project rig. When I last left off in the spring I had gotten into a decent set of speakers and found an amp for them. See "#2" in my sig for the current configuration.

    Hopefully this fall I will be doing the vinnie mods to the toshiba and re-capping the 7B's. But regardless of those projects I am starting to think about the big bottleneck in this system, which is obviously the Pioneer reciever. My goals for this system are....

    #1 quality 2ch performance

    #2 solid DD & DTS ability (HT reference not needed)

    #3 as cheap as possible

    To achieve #3 I will be going with used/oder/vintage gear. I have been looking at some of the earlier HT peices from companies like Rotel, Lexicon, Parasound, etc... It seems like stuff can be found for less than around $300. What I'm wondering about is the 2 channel performance of some of this equipment. Does anyone have any input on something that would mate well with the 7B's and the Carver amp?

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    Going to take some digging but I would look for a Dodd Audio ELP, maybe one with the HT bypass option. Putting some tubes in the signal path can achieve some nice sounds with a 2-channel rig.

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    Thanks for the suggestion and I have to are right. I can't find much info anywhere.

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    With the Carver amp you might want to try a Carver C1 pre. No DD or DTS, but it's got an excellent phono section and fits your budget. The Sunfire processors are great, but they will bust your budget. Some of the newer Carver pre's have DD capabilities, the AV series. I think the C1000 pre has DD too.
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