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Thread: DIY SDAs

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    Default DIY SDAs

    I am looking at building a pair of SDAs. I know that it has been done before, but can't seem to find any of the posts. Using the schematics that were posted earlier, I have been mulling over my options. I am not sure which model I might build, but the cross-overs seem pretty easy to build. Even though the schematics have the components, does any one know the exact specs on the capacitors or resistors, or some where that all the parts can be commondered?

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    Ben built some recently, here is the thread:

    He seemed to have done a lot of research, and would be a good resource. He also likes to help DIYers. He hasn't posted in the last couple weeks, so he may be on vacation or something, but if he is around he will probably respond in this thread soon.

    Good Luck!

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    Why not just buy a pair, you know, some of the ones that were actually engineered to sound 'right'? Plenty on the used market to choose from.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuSsMaN View Post
    Why not just buy a pair, you know, some of the ones that were actually engineered to sound 'right'? Plenty on the used market to choose from.
    This is your best option as you'll find aquiring the correct cabinet material, parts, drivers (especially if new), etc. it's going to cost more than a very good used pair. Of course if you enjoy the actual building and assesmbly.......

    There is much more to buildong them than soldering, cutting and gluing. I was just reading the Compenduim and the drivers are mounted in a certain way in the baffle to get certain advantages. The angle and spacing is extremely critical ot get the best SDA performance. What those spec's are, I have no idea. Not a simple task to be sure.

    Ben did build his after months of research and calls to Ken at Polk.
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