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    Default Good Portable Headphone Amp . . .

    Can someone please give me a few ideas for a good portable headphone amp that can run from my computer.

    So far the only thing I have really looked at is the Total BitHead from HeadRoom. I need one of these badly as my computer soundcard is just not giving me the right sound while I'm breaking between class or study sessions in Law School.

    HELP!!! Before I commit a tortious act with my civil procedure text!
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    I secong the Total BitHead...mine works great !
    Cary SLP-98L F1 DC Pre Amp (Jag Blue)
    Parasound HCA-3500
    Cary Audio V12 amp (Jag Red)
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    Jolida JD-100 CDP
    Polk Audio LSi9 Speaks (ebony)
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    AQ Bedrock Speaker Cables (Bi-Wired)
    MIT Shotgun S1 I/C`s
    AQ Black Thunder Sub Cables
    PS Audio Plus Power Cords
    Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM Antenna
    Sanus Cherry wood Speak Stands
    Adona AV45CS3 / 3 Tier Rack (Black /Gold)

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    Check out the portables by Ray Samuels.

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