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    Default rt20p replacement woofers

    I'm looking to find a rt20p replacement woofer. Hoping someone can help steer me in the right direction. As far as what woofer I need. Also I dont have a manual for the rt20p and I couldn't find one online if someone knows where I could find one online I would appreciate it.
    T.V.-Samsung 46" LED 7 Series
    AVR- Marantz 5006
    Amp- NAD 2100 PE
    IC's- Kimber Kable PBJ
    Fronts- Polk Audio RTI A1
    Center- Polk Audio CSI A4
    Surrounds- Monitor Audio R90
    Blu Ray- Xbox One
    Sub- Polk psw10
    Remote- Logitech 610

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    Replacement Parts

    To place an order, please call 1-800-377-7655

    Go back to the Specific Model Parts List for other parts.
    RT3 SL5501 MW5805 NA NA RE0188-1
    RT5 SL5501 MW7009 NA NA RE0189-1
    RT7 SL6501 MW8002 NA NA RE0190-1
    RT8 SL5501 MW7009 NA NA RE0183-1
    RT10 SL5501 MW8002 NA NA RE0184-1
    RT12 SL5501 2x MW7010 NA NA RE0185-1
    RT16 SL6501 2x MW8103 NA NA RE0187-1
    RT20P SL6501 1xMW7009, 2x MW8003 NA AMP = RF0369-1 RE0369-1
    RT f/x 2x SL5500 MW5806 NA NA RE0351-1

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