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    Default I Am Soooo Dedicated!!!

    Finally got a dedicated line installed for my 2-channel system. I'm using 12/3 cable to power two outlets. I decided on 12 gauge and a single run to reduce costs. Damn copper -- the price keeps increasing.

    Anyway, the basement was the best approach to run the cables. Fortunately, my basement had an unused 220 wire. I think it was there in case the owner wanted to renovate the basement. So all we had to do was buy a subpanel and a couple of 20 amp circuit breakers, tap into the 220 wire, route the 12/3 off the basement ceiling studs, drill a hole through the floor behind the wall, then feed the wire to the new, commerical-quality outlets. I hired an old school electrician and he only charged me $90 labor. I bought all of the supplies.

    OK, so how does it sound? Great, so far. I only played a few songs tonight, but here's what I noticed: the soundstage expanded, there's more clarity and subsequently more detail, and it's also a slightly more dynamic. On one song, in particular, I was taken back by the "new" guitar plucks. I was expecting a darker background, but maybe that's what I was hearing. I dunno. I also believe the new wire needs to break in. Not sure how long it'll take for 50 ft. of Romex to settle down, but I can expect more improvements over the next couple of weeks.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this tweak. The cost was about $180, and the improvement is like an IC or speaker cable upgrade. More importanly, I have the peace of mind of knowing that I don't have any other crap on the line like I did before (a dimmer switch and celing fan, and a bunch of outlets -- yuck!). BTW -- I don't use a power conditioner.

    This will be my last tweak for a while. I'm all tweaked out. I think I'll spend the rest of the year looking for more music, then focus on upgrading the HT system in 2008.
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    Congrats, I plan upgrading to a 20 amp service soon too.
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    So are you saving up for the bi-amping? No way you are tweaked out. This disease doesn't allow for it. You can hear the Visa in your wallet calling your name already, when you are eating, when you are driving, during a doctor's visit, during se.......well, I wouldn't go that far.

    Tweaked out?

    Not buying it Early.:p
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