Ok, so in an effort to further reduce my household overhead I am going to dump my personal landline in favor of a VOIP setup, CHEAP AS POSSIBLE.

Now I know what you are all going to say, just use your cell phone, blah blah. Can't happen and won't happen. I live in an in-law apartment in a basement surround by 4 concrete walls and no windows......my cell phone has read a pretty consistant NO SERVICE for the past 8 years I've had it down here.

What, if any, do you guys use for VOIP services and phones? Do the companies provide phones or do you need to buy them? What's involved in setting them up? I'd like to keep this around $15/month if possible as I will only be using the phone for receiving calls. If I need to make a call I walk outside and use my cell phone.

Any reccomendations?