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    Default Speakers on their side

    I have a pair of RT6's which will only fit in my cabinet if I placed them on their sides as opposed to upright. Will this impair the audio quality?

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    Not so much. If you are anal about it, mirror them with the tweeters in or out. You'll probably want to use the small neoprene feet included with your paperwork to protect the finish of whatever side is facing down.

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    To get the full effect, you will need to listen to them on your side also:D
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    Experiment to see what sounds best to you.
    If the speakers are pretty close together, you may find that the stereo image is a bit wider with the tweeters on the outside, but let your ears be the judge.

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    Welcome to CP.
    I would try with the tweeters on the inside first, and then on the outside. Check out some different types of music. Most importtant let your ears be the judge. Too much advice can taint what you "think" are hearing.
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    My cabinet is to shallow to accommodate my RTi's upright also. I have them on their sides, tweeters on the out. They sound great.
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    I also have RTi6 for my L&R, mine are setup to be 31" high on center( measuring from the floor to the middle of the speaker) my speakers are also on their side.
    I decided that the tweeter will be in. I think for what I can hear ... hold your horses I am only 42. I no sound degradation on having mine upright, or on their side .
    However I did see hear some difference between tweeter in or out.
    Since my speakers are inside a built-in Entertaiment Center I did take the grills out since I built some doors with speaker cloth on them.

    So why did I decided to put the tweeters in( my TV is in the center of my ET so the tweeters are pointing towards the TV). I believe the tweeters have more directionals sound than the drivers and I wanted to position the speakers so that the tweeters will be more directed towards the listening area. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the inputs've been real helpful.


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