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    Default Gallo Ref 3.1 vs PMC FB1/GB1

    I'd appreciate any opinions regarding these speakers. I auditioned these speakers from two different dealers with different equipment, but I'm having a hard time making a decision.

    Generally speaking, it seemed that the Ref 3.1 directed most of my attention to the details of the specific instruments & vocals, as it drew a larger soundstage and excellent imaging. The PMC just gave me a more foot tapping experience.

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    Hi Loco and welcome.
    I have not had a chance to demo the FB1 or GB1 yet, but I did listen to the OB1. It was hooked up to an $8000 Krell multi channel amp and the combo was excellent. A very nice speaker. I see that the other PMC's have 1 less driver than the OB1 and that will probably effect mid-bass response and of course the lower end. The OB1 was almost double in price than the Gallos so I passed.

    I now own the Gallos and love them. Placement is key with them, as is the right amplification. A few pointers if you decide to demo the Gallos again:

    1- Be sure they are broken in. They are a diferent speaker when broken in. They are too constrained and nasally before break in.

    2- The 3.1's have a very wide dispersion tweeter, but the mids are more conventional. I find that they improve greatly with some toe in.

    3- They do not image as tall as they do wide. Due to this, there are a few aftermarket companies that make stands to elevate them. I use the custom Sound Anchor stands. It helps with them elevated.

    Keep us informed on what you do.
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