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    Default Confused, pls help with center channel....

    I have a set of VM 30's that I am trying to find a center speaker for. I can fit a VM-20 behind the TV against the wall BUT it would be 2ft behind the front speakers and TV. I can fit the VM-10 under the TV but I'd have a smaller Center Channel to match with the Fronts or I could fit a CSI A4 under the tv but wouldn't that be "timbrematching"??? I dunno, any opinions on what might work best here??

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    I'm trying to imagine this. Do you mean the VM20 would be over the TV against the wall and two feet back of the VM30's?

    I think you can set the distances of the R/L/C speakers in your receiver so you can compensate for the positioning. Do you have the option of auditioning the VM20 and VM10 and just keeping the one that works for you?

    I started with a smaller centre speaker and then upgraded to a larger on. Definitely prefer the larger speaker. Blended in just a bit better.

    Good luck

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    hey Dave thanks for the reply, yea I think you are picturing it correct, the TV sits on a stand about 2 feet away from the wall and the VM 30's are at the same distance as the TV. Couldn't find anything in my receiver manual about compensating for position though so I hope its ok if I go for the larger one....


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