Just a tip on someplace to get new music cheap. lala.com allows you to list CDs you have and are willing to exchange for CDs that others list for $1 and they cover the shipping in prepaid envelopes they'll send you.

You never deal with any person. You aren't necessarily shipping to the person who is shipping you something.

It's great to get rid of all those CDs you aren't listening to and pick up some new ones you might have been curious about but might not have otherwise purchased a full price.

Of course you can't get 10 and ship none...it's pretty cool and for a $1. If you don't like it just pass it back and get something else.

The selection isn't huge but I'm sure you could find things of interest.

Genius Loves Company is on it's way to my house for $1 and an old Bill Monroe CD I wasn't listening to - Brilliant!