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Thread: Free air setup.

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    I know I'm bumping an old thread of my own but I'm still considering this idea of going IB as I cannot find a sub setup for my trunk I can live with. If it wasn't for the fact I leave my seats down during the summer to haul wakeboards, I wouldn't have this problem. And if I didn't just blow a tire a couple weeks back, I'd just do a false floor and be done. Ugh! So I'm back to the 3-8" idea off 300w. That is unless someone can give me an idea to put my amps which take up too much square footage........ for a small coupe. Any new ideas?
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    Here is a pick of some JL's in a rear deck lid.

    Found that here: what should i do w/ my rear deck?

    I would say to build two walls to line the sides of the trunk to mount the amps. Kind of angled inward toward the rear seat. This way you still have the pass through feature.

    Scroll way down the page for the pic I found. This is pretty much what I mean except on both sides of the trunk. Side of trunk mounted amps.
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