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    Default Lsi9 sound stage

    Incredible! I just did a google search on a orchestral layout (how the different instruments are most commonly arranged) and oh my. I could hear the viola section and the brass and the cellos and double basses and the violins all comming from the right place! Thankyou, P. Tchaikovsky for the incredible music! Thankyou Polk Audio for the Lsi9's I love them.

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    What are you powering your 9's with?
    "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then." Bob Seger

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    Yamaha rx-797. Thinking about getting the Emovita 2 channel amplifier. It does 350 rms watts into 4 ohms. But, I am having trouble giving up on my rx-797 it is a truely amazing receiver imo.

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    Well if your satisfied with it why give up on it? For one it has preouts? so you can use with and external power amp since you like its sound? Sure the lis9's need juice but if your enjoying what your getting so far why upgrade?

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    ctr, i have the 757 was ok.....connected a two channel amp through the preouts that many here recommended.....whole different animal, you will be surprised at the huuuuge difference!!!! Whatever you do...rock-on my friend :)
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    The Lsi9 is a great speaker, especially off the back wall at least 36" and about a 1/2" of toe-in.

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