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    May 2007
    Climbing that your backyard

    Talking A great day for lightman

    Just got back from Georgia to pick up a set of SDA-1A's. Four!!
    Sat and listened for while to his new HT rig. Martin Logans and "Viennas"(?).
    Denon AVR and BIGASS Sony LCD. Tasty.
    Got to jawin' about music, gear etc. And before to long he goes into his storage room and comes out with the rest of his old gear. On top of the speaks and Denon power amps. (POA-1500's) He has the tuner, TT and dual cassette deck! Says to me "Here, take these." "How much?" I inquired. "Nothing, I know they will be in a good home."
    BONUS!!! After yappin' a little more and loading the van, he treated me to a glass of the sweetest single malt and wished me many good years of enjoyment. I replied "It all starts today."
    BTW, HI Joe, One SMALL glass.
    Here's the list:
    4 SDA-1A's
    2 Denon POA-1500 power amps
    1 PRA-1000 pre amp
    1 TU-767 tuner
    1 DP-45F TT w/ Signet diamond cart
    1 DRW-580 dual cassette deck
    Total duckets dropped: $1050 and $80 for gas.:D:D:D

    But there's more!!!
    My bestest buddy I've known since we were 10 yrs old lives about 30 miles from the other guy. Hadn't seen him and family in over a year. Dropped by to say Hi. Showed him the loot I plundered. He says "Hey, I still have my brothers stuff in the house." His brother (mine too, more or less) passed away in 2000 from cancer. He pulled it all out, knocked the dust off, and says "Here, take it. It needs to go to a good place, Russ. Chris wouldn't want it any other way." (cue Twilight Zone music).
    Almost shedding a tear, I thanked him.
    Goodbye's were exchanged,hugs from his kids and wife (a really long hug for the wife, She's HOT!) and I set out for Mooresville.
    Along the way home, I realized there are few people who will stick with you no matter what. I set out this morning to to buy some toys, that's all, and came home with more than I ever bargained for. Made a new friend, saw an old friend of 30 years and now have a part of a friend departed.
    It was a great day for lightman.

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    Newark, Delaware


    Great Day. . . ONE glass of scotch made it even better.

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    Jul 2007


    Congrats on the killer deal....I looked up those amps...very cool looking, almost twins to my Protons . Long hug on the hot wife huh :) Prob smelled good too :D Nice grab ( The gear I mean )

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    May 2007
    Climbing that your backyard


    The 'roidals in those things are HUGE!
    Gotta wait till daylight and the neighbors are at church to put them to the test. Soon as I figure out how to turn on the camera, I'll put some pics up.

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    wow man, way too cool. I wish some thing like that would happen to me. I'm still waiting for that stellar garage sale find.
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    Life's short, Listen to SDA's
    Life is short live Sui Juris
    Where did SOPA go?

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    Tampa, FL


    Congrats on the gear and good times you had. Friends new and old should never be underrated on how important they are to are lives.


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    Mar 2006
    Morrisville NC


    Congrats on the nice grab. Looking foward to pics of the gear.

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    Quincy, MA


    WOW! That's outstanding. Congrats. That's a lot of good karma you got there. Make sure you pay it forward somehow!
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