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    Default Subwoofer: PSW505 or HSU STF-2?

    Looking to buy a new subwoofer soon. My budget is around $400, so I am considering the Polk PSW505 or the HSU STF-2. I would probably be using it mostly for gaming/movie/TV. My other speakers are RTi8 and Csi3.

    My room layout is about 22'x14', with open space (another 22'x10 or so) to the right.

    Which one will be better for my situation? Thanks.

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    As I'm sure others will chime in to say as well, I would definitely go for the STF-2. I upgraded from a Polk PSW350 to the HSU STF-3 (this model is no longer in production) and could not be happier. While I'm sure the PSW505 is a more stout sub than the PSW350, I don't think the PSW505 can compete with the STF-2. The difference between the two will be substantial.
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    Sub: HSU STF-3

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    Wait for SVS recommendation from Polk Experts. You can't find a thread without SVS for Sub recommendations. :D

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    Well since MKZ took care of the SVS recommendation - I would say go with the HSU... :D
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    For your room size, you should save another hundred bucks or so and get an STF-3 or VTF-3.

    Do it right the first time.

    But here's an even better option than the Hsu subs:

    Get the Knight.
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    Vote for the HSU and what Early said :)
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