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    Default Gallo ref 3,1 sub amp

    I have bought the Gallo ref 3,1 and i am thinking of buying the SA amp. Have anybody any experience with this? pros and cons?


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    Check with Gaara, he is our SA Amp guru. What amp are you running your Gallos with?
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    I'm happy w/ mine and I've played with a bunch of different combos for the top and bottom. In the end, the SA was hard to beat and you're going to have a hard time finding anything with the types of controls that it's got on the front.
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    This is your first post here, so welcome. Do you want the short version or the long version? The pros are that the SA allows your Gallos to dig deeper and harder then without, plus you have some flexibility with the bass boosting. The cons are that it cost you money and outputs heat, and if you use the bass boost some people find the fan to be anoying.

    If you want the long version let me know, I have tried the Gallos with a variety of amps and different amp configurations for the sub in.

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