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Thread: upgrade time

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    Default upgrade time

    well i've had an onkyo 605 receiver for almost a month, great receiver but it has no preouts and i plan on purchasing an amp for my HT in the future, i can still return the 605 since i have all the original packaging etc, my question is do i go one step up with the 705 or just take the leap and go all the way with the 805? The 805 seems like a better long turn investment . Does anyone have input on these receivers?. For the price of the 805(about 950 w/ tax) is there another brand receiver that can compare?

    Side note: anyone have access to valud discount codes for circuit city?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome Acsubie.

    Buy the receiver that has all the bells, whistles, & preouts that you know that you will be happy with for years to come. Then start saving for a 200wpc 5-7 channel amplifier.

    You can get more bang for your buck if you get one from Audiogon. Names to look at are,
    Rotel, Parasound, Sunfire, Adcom, Nad, Outlaw.

    If you do it right the first time around you & everyone else who hears your system will be ecstatic!

    What is the rest of your system?
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    Over at AVS, I have read of problems with the 705 buzzing when any soundfield is activated. Most solved the problem by stepping up to the 805. I would look at the 805, or better yet the 875, for it's inclusion of the REON video processor.

    I have the 885 pre-amp (same feature set as the 875), so far I love it.

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    Might want to find out if there's an Integra dealer around. Your $$ will go further with an Integra AVR (think Onkyo Elite). A used Pioneer Elite would be a great option if the price is right, keep looking on the 'gon' and welcome! Hang out for a while!
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    I would suggest a AVR with 7 channel pre amp outs. Denon, HK , Outlaw and Intergra are some good one's. Add external amps as budget allows. Just get the features you want on the AVR.

    Good Luck,

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    I would recommend the 805.

    Years ago I went with the TX-SR702 and never regretted it. This was an upgrade from a TX-SR500.
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    I got the best AVR I could afford at the time (a fairly nice Denon) with 7ch pre-amp outs, hdmi inputs, the whole 9. I would recommend doing the same on your end. It is doing plenty well until I get enough $$ to invest in a 5chx200w amp!
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