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    Default Intermittent sub on RT1000p

    Hi all,

    New to forum but not Polk speakers. Love my RT1000p's. However for the last year or so (before I discovered this forum) I've been having a problem with my subs in the RT1000's. They kick in/out intermittently - like there is a loose connection somewhere. Has anyone else had this problem and what has been done to remedy it? It's on my left side.

    I can temporarily fix it by smacking the back of the speaker/crossover.... but after a few beats it disappears again.

    Thanks for helping.
    Scott Will
    Atlanta GA

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    Welcome to the forum..

    Sounds like a loose wire on the cross over or plate amp to me..

    I have the 2000i`s, and have had no issues at all.

    Stick around...someone will be by to answer your question soon
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    You will need the send the amp into Polk CS for diagnosis/repair. I have had to have both amps in my RT20p repaired/fixed - both minor repairs.
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