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View Poll Results: Location of Prelude power cable...

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  • Wall outlet to UPC-200 set in single-zone high-current mode to feed the Outlaw 7500

    0 0%
  • Wall outlet to Panamax 5300-EX to feed everything else

    1 100.00%
  • I donít believe in the use of aftermarket power cables

    0 0%
  • I donít want to make a suggestion, figure it out your self

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    Question PS Audio xStream Prelude to the Panamax or to the UPC-200?

    So, I have a 10 gauge xStream Prelude power cable. In my home theater rig I have a UPC-200 set to high-current mode to solely power my Outlaw 7500 and also have a Panamax 5300-EX used to power everything else (TV, pre-pro, CDP, DVR, DVDP, SVS sub).
    Now, I realize the answer that supersedes all others is usually "try it out and decide yourself". But, I just thought I'd ask if you were to guess which location for the Prelude power cable was the most beneficial, what would you say?
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