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    Question SDA2's with dimensional tweeter??

    In the interest of science I disconnected the dimensional tweeter on my SDA=-2's I think they sound much better without. Of course Polk figured it out long ago in the follow-up series so I am not a genius, I just play one on TV.

    I have since reconnected the dim tweeter because I don't know if it would cause harm to the Amplifier running it or not. The amp didn't go into fault or anything. I also didn't try to blow my windows out with the volume level.

    Do you guys know if it would be bad to run them without the dimensional tweeter? And if it is bad what can I do to make it ok??

    I do want to upgrade the crossover anyway(Probably during my winter hibernation) but I am not sure what the mod would be to remove the dimensional tweeter side of said crossover. Keeping the Ohms right and all that.

    Also do you think it is bad that the tweeter isn't centered between the drivers or would the placement in the cabinet be so insignificant that I wouldn't notice? It's been a while since I have heard 2b's or even 1c's so I have no point of reference.

    I mostly play Vinyl and Classic Rock on this setup if that helps.

    Any thoughts would be great on this.

    Thanks Guys and Gals,
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    Since Joe08867 and I have the similar SDA2's I would also be interested in answers to the same questions.

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