So here is the situation, moved into a new house one year ago. The upstairs is the dedicated HT room, 62 inch TV, LSI speakers...blah blah blah.

Downstairs I have a huge family room, BUT the aesthetics of the room make it only possible for a two channel setup with a sub. Room has a 50 inch Sony in a dedicated TV cutout. The room is all tile, and next to the TV is a fireplace and going througg the ceiling is impossible with an upstairs.

Here is the thing, the two channel rig is on a budget. I would like a HT receiver for the possibility of figuring out a way to wire surrounds. I was looking into the 800-1000 dollar range. I have not researched HT all that much lately due to me liking my upstairs setup the way it is.

Any and all suggestions welcomed.