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Thread: Promitheus TVC

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    Default Promitheus TVC

    I got the TVC a week or so ago from Early (Early's friend actually)

    I liked the black paint better than I thought I would, but thats beside the point :D

    anyhoo, I always wanted one of these, even before i enterred the world of the passive preamp. This was actually the pre I wanted to try from jumpstreet, but was a little rich in price for an experiment (I'm a cheap bastard)

    I started with the Channel Islands Audio VPC-2 passive pre, and loved it alot more than I thought I would. There is just an uncolored natural sound from a passive pre tht i just like. I had to like it alot to actually replace my modded Anthem Pre2l tube pre full time.

    After having the Channel Islands for a while, I noticed Early selling the Promitheus, and hearing a ton of good things about it. I figured I had to give it a shot, since he was selling it for a good price (this one has multiple in's and outs, which I needed for my biamp set up)

    I got it and hooked it up. and immediatly noticed an increase in detail.....not brightness....DETAIL. Keep in mind that my listening area for 2 channel can tend itself to brightness even with accoustic treatment (Bozaks on tubes sounded bright without accoustic treatment, thats how bad it was).

    I also notice its alot more sensitive to warm up with the Promitheus. It sounded much more smooth after about 20-25 minutes. If I had to wager a guess, its my tube DAC that needs the warm up, but who knows.

    I do notice a slight drop in center imaging from voculs and intruments coming from right in front of you in presentation. seems spread out, istead of right in front, but this has improved with speaker placement. I guess a different pre means having to move the speakers around.

    Overall, while the Channel Islands was great, the Promitheus is downright amazing. Can't imagine replacing it anytime in the near or distant future. I think I found the pre I am going to hang with for a while. Even with the Channel Islands, i liked it so much that I was only considering replacing it with the Promitheus to try it out.

    said it before and I'll say it again, I love the passive pre's, especially the Promitheus.

    the only unsettling thing is being 3-5 clicks from max as my listening volume, but thats par for the course for passives. Passives might not have enough gain for some systems, luckily its just enough for mine......emphasis on JUST
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    cool !

    It`s a good thing to get new gear that meets, or beats your needs/expectations..

    njoy !
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