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    Default Will this amp and sub work together?

    ok i am gonna get one 12" alpine type r and one kenwood 1800 watt amp

    heres in detail which one is which and like i just wanna make sure these two will work perfectly with eachother.. i know the amp is a bit more powerful than i need but i just wanna make sure it works before i buy em

    ALPINE SWR-1242D 1242 D 12" Sub Type R Subwoofer

    Kenwood KAC-9152D 1800 Watts Mono Amplifier

    then im gonna take it to like audio express or best buy and have em get a box and then install it....

    but just tell me if those two will work fine and will it hit real hard


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    well, neither page is showing up for me. But personally I would not by a Kenwood amp. I feel Kenwood has not made a solid car product since the early early '80's
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