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    Default 0-187 in 4 seconds

    That's one way to do it!
    Stang up on two

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    A wheelie for almost and eight mile? Holy crap. Trans brake looked like it gave a little, or was he just loading up?

    How many shifts in that 4 seconds?
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    holy ****
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    yeah Man !!!
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    Don't you think that should've been posted in the Clubhouse instead of the car audio department? Otherwise that was pretty freaking sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuSsMaN View Post

    How many shifts in that 4 seconds?
    Good question, doesn't look like he shifted till after he hit the 1/8 when the car dropped back down to the ground. Could be an auto with a shift kit of some sort.....I think if it was clutch he woulda lost the wheelie....

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    Wow! Just wow.

    Just saw that dude on Horsepower TV this morning.
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    Dude, that had to be 1/8th mile 'cause 187 is about 120 MPH too slow for a 4.4 second run through the 1/4 mile.

    Oh, dun, the file name says 1/8th mile run!

    Still, quite impressive carrying the front end through the traps like that. Probably would have been a 4.3 if the front wheels were on the ground! But geez, he landed hard!
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    Holy crap, that's insane!

    Not to try and take away from that, 'cause, like I said, that's insane, but I find this car to be just as impressive if not moreso:

    It's a 1963 Pontiac LeMans. It was built by Nelson Racing Engineering, and they make some incredible engines! This one has a twin turbo 522CID Chevy cranking out 1000hp in street trim on pump gas, and when the boost's cranked up it'll turn out 2000hp! It'll do 7's in the 1/4, does 0 - 150 in 5 seconds, and is perfectly street legal!!!! I'm sorry...but I can't fathom that...THAT's insane!!

    Link to page on it on NRE's website.

    Youtube video of the guys at NRE taking it for a spin.
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    wow. I'm at a loss for words.

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