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Thread: Wiring question

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    Default Wiring question

    Receiver: JVC RX6500V
    Speakers: Family room built in surround of unknown variety
    Patio: Polk Atrium 45s (just purchased)

    Background: Purchased this house and it had surround speakers and wiring setup in family room as well as wire run to the patio. All wiring terminates in wall where TV etc... would be positioned.

    I have connected the receiver to the family room surround and it all works fine.
    Just connected the patio speakers and they don't work. When I have the receiver use both speakers 1 and 2 sound does not emit on either. According to manual, this will occur if speakers on #2 are not connected.

    Question: I have removed the wallplate an pulled the 2nd set of wiring out to have a look. With the receiver still set to 1 and 2 speaker sets, I accidentally touched both the positive and negative plug connectors and when I did so, sound came from the #1 set of speakers. Does this indicate anything? A short in the wiring?

    Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be helpful. I have not placed a second set of speakers on the patio but will do so tomorrow if that is the consensus

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    Duff, Welcome to CP when you connected the patio speakers and they did not work, where did you connect them? At the AVR speaker 2 outs? If so was the in wall wireing connected to the speaker 1 outs and the front/main speakers connected to that, or did you just connect the spk 2 connections?

    I would hook up the AVR to the in-wall wiring for the Family room, but not the in-wall for the patio speakers, then hook up the patio speakers direct to the AVR with some short speaker wire to verify the AVR and speakers are all working. If everything tests out ok there, then hook up everything to the in-wall again and see what you get. Maybe the +/- is reversed somewhere.

    Good luck, and report back what you find.

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    It sounds like you have a lot of wiring which is not marked or not marked well. I would start with a 9v battery and tap each speaker wire and have someone listen to what speaker that was so you can remark the wiring.

    Tip try to wire speaker wiring up so they all are the same polarity. Ok in terms you may understand if wires are copper and silver, copper to red, silver to black. If the wiring is ribbed on one side, and smooth on the other ribbed to red, smooth to black.

    Hope that helps a little. A picture may help, but if what I think it may look like maybe not. But then again we like pictures. :)

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